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As we grow older we may find that as individuals our health can become a cause for concern through a variety of reasons. It may also be a factor that a married couple for example, may work as a unit and when through bereavement one or the other partner are left on their own, they lack the skill in house keeping that would have enabled them to live in an independent fashion.

As our population becomes predominantly older we find many incidences where someone is trying to live independently with support from their own family, friends and representatives. It is often unfortunate that if we live into an extreme old age our children themselves can have responsibilities and health issues which preclude their having the time or strength to support an ailing parent.

At Homecare Services we can help in every aspect of care and support to provide real ‘wrap around care’. Working from the strength based approach we can focus on what a person can do and concentrate on the positives. We aim to avoid any labels or branding and wish to approach our care in a way which helps older adults to remain independent and achieving their own goals; getting the outcomes that they want in conjunction with and taking into consideration the hopes and wishes of family and representatives when this is seen to be appropriate.

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