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At Homecare Services we offer reablement, which is defined as ‘services for people with poor physical or mental health to help them accommodate their illness by learning or re-learning the skills necessary for daily living’.

The focus of this service we offer is on restoring independent functioning rather than resolving health care issues, and on helping people to do things for themselves rather than the traditional home care approach of doing things for people that they cannot do for themselves.

Reablement reduces the need for ongoing support, with research suggesting that following reablement, people’s need for social care services is reduced by 60 per cent compared to if they had used conventional home care.

As well, with Homecare Services reablement is affordable. We know reablement improves people’s quality of life compared with conventional home care services. The costs and potential savings of the services should be assessed against its potential benefits. And further supported by evidence that reablement has significant potential to reduce ongoing care and support costs, despite the higher upfront costs compared with traditional home care.

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