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Hi Ryan,

I hope you don't mind me emailing you but I truly believe that feedback is how we improve or judge our services.

I am self employed and currently training unemployed people for the company Complete Training, with the end result being a Care Certificate for those that pass the course and then hopefully a career in Care.

Today, Sarah and Leanne came to visit my little group in Bury and I was so impressed I had to email you to pass on my thoughts.

I have always said that staff who work for a company are the front line of any business and how they behave and work is a reflection of how the company is run. Your company is a huge testament to you and your staff. Sarah and Leanne were absolutely fantastic, as the front door of your business I now want myself and all my loved ones to be placed in your care home should the need arise and should any of my loved ones, or friends require home care, your company would be the only company that I would recommend. The message that came over in such a succinct way was that you value your staff as much as you look after your service users.

They both clearly love working for you and with you, their professionalism, enthusiasm, attitude and work ethic is the best that I have ever come across, by the time they finished I wanted to come and work for you!

I could wax lyrical but I hope I have put my point over, they really were incredible and all my learners felt the same, they actually helped my group with self esteem, confidence and the knowledge that there could be a job out there for them at the end of this course. Complete have stated that they are working with employers to try to place everybody but it was great to hear it from an Employer.

I will be following your company and it's rise to bigger and better (as I know it will) with a real interest.

Thanks for your time

Recieved from Complete Training
"The carers are all marvelous, they are perfect gems."

as quoted in CQC inspection report
"If I ask the office staff to come and see me they will always come out"

as quoted in CQC inspection report
"It's great I can still have my independence and the carers ensure that. They are only here to fill in the gaps
and help me with the things I am not so good at."

as quoted in CQC inspection report
"I feel very listened too by the carers, they always have
time for me,"

as quoted in CQC inspection report
"Maintaining my independence means a lot to me. The carers know this and respect that. They
always offer me choices even though half of the time they know what I am going to say."

as quoted in CQC inspection report
" The carers are good with me and treat me with respect"

as quoted in CQC inspection report
"All the carers know what I want. They can anticipate my needs, they are just great."

as quoted in CQC inspection report
"I am reliant on the care staff and I know I can trust them they have never let me down."

as quoted in CQC inspection report
"If my carer is stuck with an emergency the office always let me know. This has only happened once but I
understand sometimes things like this can happen."

as quoted in CQC inspection report
"Care staff will do extra little jobs for me if they
have time."

as quoted in CQC inspection report
"Very professional" and "Well organised."

as quoted in CQC inspection report
"The care is absolutely
brilliant and they are all so extremely helpful."

as quoted in CQC inspection report
"They are all very nice, I cannot find fault with anything."

as quoted in CQC inspection report

"Dear Ladies,
We would like to say a huge “thank you very much” for all the caring attention you provided to our mum over the last 8 months and you friendship with mum. Everything you’ve done has been greatly appreciated."

"Dear Jodie
Just want to say a big thank you for showing me such kindness when I phoned with my problem and for sorting everything out so promptly. It really is such a great comfort to have a carer like yourself. Thank you again Jodie."

"Dear All,
Just a note to say thank you for caring for our Dad. We are truly grateful for your care, kindness & concern when visiting him at home. We know it’s not easy especially if people are reluctant to accept help, as he was. He always thought he was coping on his own but I guess we know different. I have a smile when I think of some of the things he always got up to which usually involved whiskey, disappearing or falling down hillsides.
However, he is now quite settled in a care home which is near me, so I can visit and take him out occasionally. Thanks again for the absolutely vital care work that you do."

“Dear Ryan and Ann, I would like to thank everyone at Homecare Services for the kind and efficient manner, and understanding of my needs when I had to go to Holland for a few days. My enquiry was dealt with promptly, by telephone and email and my questions answered.

The visit to my home was reassuring. We exchanged appropriate questions, answers and paperwork and I was left knowing that my husband would be in good hands. I would like to give special praise for the fact that the carer arrived on Thursday morning in ample time for us to settle in and be introduced to my husband, and for me to be ready for my taxi coming at 8am.

When I returned, I found the house clean and tidy; washing done; everything straight and away. My husband seemed un-phased by events and safe and at ease. Thank you to those who took him to the doctor because he had a sore hand (which is now getting better).

Before I had to gone away I was in the middle of discussions about respite vouchers. Perhaps now we can continue these. And I think a visit to Holme Manor would be appropriate.

Sarah and Jodie have always been good with their replies to my requests for “sit-ins” and made the staff available for me, even at short notice. I do try to ask in good time, but have had to ask in a hurry on a few occasions.

I have looked through the carers’ report from while I was away and see how many visits and carers were involved. This took some organising from you and I thank you again for the help, and please would you pass on my thanks to them.”

“Thank you so much for all the loving care you gave to my husband during his last week at home. Your team treated him so gently, patiently and lovingly. We are both so grateful at what could have been a very stressful time"

“To Ryan, Ann and all staff. May we thank you all very sincerely for the fantastic birthday ‘do’ you laid on. You have surpassed all our expectations and she is still ‘buzzing’. Thank you again”


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